Photo a Day – Feb 20 – Orchid Report

This afternoon, my pal Dixie asked: “How is the orchid? It is still blooming, or did you kill it?”

Keep in mind that, in early January, I earned temporary custody of the orchid because Dixie would not accept care of it. It would die on her watch, she admitted. So, below is visual evidence that the orchid lives, in fact thrives, I would say.

It is my understanding the exotic orchid will leave me next month to travel to its home in Chester County, PA. I am thankful for having had the opportunity to spend time learning about the history, symbolism and care of this flower. (By the way, check out Georgia O’Keefe’s orchid paintings.)

There are things I cannot do because I chose not to do them (cook, sew, iron). I can grow stuff, though. I can nurture life. It’s the farmer, mother, artist, life-giver, place-maker in me.

Photography by Christine Goldbeck. Photo a Day - Feb 20 - Orchid Report
Feb 20 – Orchid Report


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