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Photography a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Undersea Adventure

Photo a Day – UnderSea Adventure

It’s snowing outside tonight and I am thinking of warm seas and colorful fish. I just did not have the urge to make photographs of snow. So, I give you a tropical fish in a warm sea. By the way, I saw the fish in a firepot and made this photograph by starting with a

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"Lancaster Sunrise I" a photograph by Christine Goldbeck

Photography as Painting

It’s worth saying again, and for those of you who come here often, thank you for your indulgence. I am a better painter because I am a photographer and I am a better photographer because I am a painter. It has everything to do with the elements and principles of art and it has more

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"America" 16 by 20 encaustic painting

“America” an abstract landscape in encaustic

Last week, I was focused on resolving design in this textured, abstract encaustic painting (otherwise known as THE painting from HELL).  It is resolved and I am finally pleased with the painting. “America” is a sculptural encaustic painting, wherein the mixture of encaustic medium (beeswax and Damar resin) and oil paint is raised where I

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Christine Goldbeck - encaustic work in progress

Resolving Design – the ongoing journey of a painting and a painter

So, here I am … again … with THIS … This encaustic painting and I have spent a lot of time together recently, in attempts to resolve design. Here is where it started, as a weather map …           And, from there, I went here …   Then, I went further

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck Nov. 7 - November

Photo a Day – Nov 7 – November

A fall leaf and friends on an outdoor table, a colder air and sky, evergreen, a tree trunk, all of these things say “November” to me. What does your “November” look like. If you make a photo or paint a picture of do something creative in answer to the question, email me and share your

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Painting a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Nov 4 - A Fall Train Ride

Painting a Day – Nov 4 – A Fall Train Ride

I could live on a train, or a boat, always moving, exploring, watching town and country … This abstract, digital, mixed media painting (Oil, marker and pastel), made with a blank screen, a stylus and software celebrates my recent memories of riding Amtrak’s Keystone train through the Lancaster area. The views are breathtaking, even at

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck- Nov 6 - Toward Fall

Photo a Day – Nov 6 – Toward Fall

Leaves dancing in the wind will stop me in my tracks and I love to look for patterns in leaves on the ground. Studyingleaves that had gathered on stairs outside one of our churches led me to compose this shot. And, you know how I love the soft-edged, dreamy effect. Thus, I give you “Toward

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck Nov 5 Fall Leaves

Photo a Day Nov 5 Fall Leaves

Okay, so we are on the new time schedule, wherein darkness is a bigger part of life. I have to begin this season with a positive mind and work with the DARKNESS rather than gripe about it. Thus, I give you “Fall Leaves” at night. It’s a dreamy sort of photograph. What intrigued me about

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck Nov. 2 Coming Home

Photo a Day – Nov 2 – Coming Home

Usually, I am on this train from Philadelphia to Middletown. However, today, I had the pleasure of walking to the station to meet my little sister and my niece, who had gone to Philly for the day to investigate the Arts Institute and to shop. This photo, shot with a high ISO, has a lot

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Oct 20 - Reflection on Rain

Photo a Day Oct 20 – Reflection on Rain – photography as painting

Being an artist, or maybe it is just being me … I am never bored and I do not have problems. We went out on foot, without umbrellas (come on, 30 percent chance of rain means 70 percent chance it is NOT going to rain.) So, while standing under the cover of a roof, waiting

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Nighttime in the Garden II

Photo a Day – Nighttime in the Garden II

It is October for sure, but some of our flowers are acting like it is July. I am not complaining. The longer I can be outside playing, barefoot and without a winter coat, the happier I am. We had a little dinner party last evening. Jay grilled. We drank some wine and sat outside by

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Oct 7 - A Fall Rain at the Capitol

Photo a Day – Oct 7 – A Fall Rain at the PA Capitol

I overheard someone say “What a dreary Monday!” BUT, I didn’t quite see anything dreary about it. I saw color and contrast and texture and BEAUTY in rain. An 8 by 10 print, signed and matted to 11 by 14, is $15, plus $2 s/h.

Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Oct 6 - Life! Not always as it appears

Photo a Day – Life! Not Always as it Appears

When you look at something, do you really see it? That’s what this photograph, recolored through filters, is about. (I just ended a sentence with a preposition and I am leaving it!) Sometimes, I think that I THINK way too much. I see way too REAL. And, sometimes, I have to look away and create

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