There is no better compliment about my work than to hear from people who are happy with their purchases and commissioned work. I love it when people approach me in the gallery, or at shows, or who send notes or emails to let me know that they are glad to be sharing space with something I made. If you want to share your story about how you incorporated my work into your home or office, please send me an email.

Thanks to all of you for supporting the work of an independent artist. – Christine


“My house feels like a HOME” – Karen Coates

Art and Design by Christine Goldbeck

Living Room




Thanks so much for stepping beyond your comfort zone to help me complete my bath project. I spent many months transforming this multi-pink-colored and antiquated bathroom into something more contemporary. Your contributions are icing on the cake! David Mancke




The painting calls to me in a couple ways. One I am a fan of the book Twilight and it reminds me of the wood scenes from the movie and book. I love the inviting feel of the moon that glows a path through the trees. The whole painting is very serene! I also love blue. – Rena Parente

Moonlight, a painting by Christine Goldbeck

Moonlight – SOLD


We just purchased “Autumn Reflection” for our living room and “November” for our bedroom.
Autumn Reflection painting by Christine Goldbeck

Autumn Reflection – 36 by 48 – SOLD

“November” is a very unique piece that we instantly knew would go with our Southwestern motif. It was difficult to choose our second piece because Christine has so many beautiful paintings and photographs.
In the end, “Autumn Reflection” won because it spoke to us. Autumn is our favorite time of year.Every time you look at this painting, you see something new about it.Christine can count on us coming back for more of her work in the future. Hmm… perhaps a gift for that someone who has everything …
Sherrie and Michael Rank


Rebecca's Garden a Holga film photograph by Pennsylvania Artist Christine Goldbeck

Rebecca’s Garden, a Holga film photograph.

I like pretty things.” I say it all the time: it may be the pattern on a piece of wallpaper, the weave of a sweater, or how the sun glints off of a puddle of water. In this case it is  ‘Rebecca’s Garden.’

Christine has captured the beauty of the ordinary flower and enhanced it with a beauty that only exists in her imagination – and the Holga. She also went on to create four custom pieces to complete my own special garden, and didn’t stop until we had all 5 pieces just right. Thanks, Christine, for creating this  ‘pretty thing’ for me to enjoy!” – Kristin Crawford.





Triad, a mixed media triptych by Pennsylvania Artist Christine Goldbeck

Triad – a triptych – SOLD


I absolutely love Triad! It fit perfect with the colors in my living room and the location that I hung it. It brought together all the colors and totally transformed the look of my living room. I have had many compliments on the piece. Christine does beautiful work! – Marianne Gaydos


As I browsed the gallery, my eye kept wandering back to “Family Tree.” The photograph appears to evoke an eerie mystique with it’s dark, crooked silhouette of a bare tree among the faint outline of grave stones yet at the same time, it manages to project tranquility with its pure white backdrop and ethereal floating orbs. 

Though the contrast between dark and light are intense and exaggerated in the photo, there seems to be a symbiotic relationship in the coloring. The bright white background helps to emphasize the strong black silhouettes and the dark silhouettes seem to make the white background appear more luminous and crisp. The symbiotic nature of the coloring extends to the symbolism of the imagery. From among the graves a strong tree extends, each branch telling of a generation and each being nourished by the graves gathered at its base, just as our ancestors are the root of our history and nourish our family tree. – Kathleen Springman

Family Tree, black and white photograph by Christine Goldbeck

Family Tree, a photograph by Christine Goldbeck