Studio 104 at The Millworks

Come visit me in Studio 104 at The Millworks in Midtown Harrisburg!

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Visiting artist at La Cigale in Mount Gretna

Christine is Visiting Artist at The Gallery at La Cigale in Mount Gretna through October.

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Book A Paint Party

Schedule a painting party with Christine. Visit soon for details.

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Nature's Bouquet - pastel and acrylic (mixed media) on canvas. 24 by 30 - $650.00

The Newsletter and SAVINGS! on Art have arrived.

It’s been busy in the studios and with my students and, like always, I am challenging myself to work in different ways and to learn new techniques. To see some of what I have been up to lately, please visit my newsletter (where you will find a coupon) and news about the Daily Painters of

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Chincoteague Island Sunrise, a photograph by Christine Goldbeck

My world (the things I love) in photographs

The one thing I love about preparing for upcoming exhibitions is that I get to sort through my photographs and determine what might, could, should, WILL make the cut and be printed for formal exhibition. Click on the image herein to enlarge it. So, in this slideshow, I am sharing some of my favorites, most

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Christine Goldbeck, MFA-IA, in Studio 104 at The Millworks.

It’s almost time! The Millworks is opening March 12

One can feel the energy increase as we move closer to the official opening of  The Millworks, in midtown Harrisburg. The former Stokes Millworks was a blighted building up until two years ago, when construction began. Now, this building houses thirty three artists, including my mates in Studio 104, Elaine Brady Smith and Joan Maguire. twenty

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Pleasant Cove, an oil painting by Christine Goldbeck

Pleasant Journeys in Painting “Pleasant Cove”

Here’s something new for 2015. I’ve returned to painting in oil, although I have not abandoned acrylic and watercolor. Rather, I am re-expanding my repertoire and it’s exciting. I have not done a landscape this large, in oil, before. “Pleasant Cove” is 36 by 48 on gallery wrap canvas, making it large enough to feel

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Painters at a Sip and Dip Paint Night with Christine Goldbeck

Painting Party Dates and Details

YOU can paint! We all have the ability AND it IS fun. No experience is necessary. I will teach you how to make a painting from start (blank canvas) to finish and you will leave with your own masterpiece to hang in your home or office. I provide all your painting materials. (Don’t wear your Sunday best unless, like

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Christine Goldbeck's interpretation of Van Gogh's painting "Starry Starry Night"

Now I think I know … (a Van Gogh frame of mind)

I remain infatuated with Van Gogh for a lot of reasons. His ability to keep painting no matter how crappy his sales were (one painting of his sold during his lifetime), his use of yellow and his love of books and letters are a few of my reasons. Most people know him as the artist

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Friends gather at a recent painting party to show their paintings.

Upcoming Painting Parties Dates and Details

 YOU can paint! We all have the ability. AND it IS fun. So, sign up for an upcoming painting party or book a private party at Arts on Union or at your home or office (see FAQs below). Upcoming Painting Parties at Arts on Union     Saturday,August 2, 2014 – 5 p.m. (deadline to reserve

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Painting LIVE on Center Stage at Hershey Medical Center

A Special Painting, A Special Day

You know how there are some days that you will never forget because they are so special? I had one of those today. I painted LIVE in the cancer unit at Penn State Hershey Medical Center for its Center Stage Program. Several patients and their family members sat by and we talked while I painted.

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Tulips Digital Mixed Media Painting by Christine Goldbeck

Tulip Time

For me, tulips symbolize the return of long days, warmth and color. The garden at Arts on Union is a tulip riot right now and, yesterday, I spent hows with them. So long, in fact, that my allergies went off the charts and I had to take extra medicine. It was worth it. In all, I made

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Photo a Day - Along the Swatara

Photo a Day – Along the Swatara

April 12, 2014 – Fog and water. Sunrise. Birdsong. A morning to take specific delight in being alive. This was the way the Swatara Creek in Middletown  looked shortly after 7 a.m. this morning, when Jay, the pups and me went for a morning walk.

Waiting for the Sunrise, a watercolor and washi painting by Christine Goldbeck

Mixing media with a Master (on chasing your dreams)

If YOU have a dream, chase it. I just followed one of mine and I am still not over it. I hope never to get over it. Whether you want to run marathons, bake the world’s best pies (call me, I’ll taste test) or clean out the clutter in your garage, the goal does not

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concert harp

Time to take your medicine!

Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine sharing art to promote wellness By Christine Goldbeck, MFA-IA HERSHEY, PA – Many of us hear the word “hospital” and we get those butterfly feelings in our bellies.  It does not have to be this way. Just ask Claire de Boer, who runs a program that offers live

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Snow Day! Photographs and Thoughts on having a snow day by Christine Goldbeck

Snow Day! Interpreting Winter through Photography

Okay, yes, we have had our share of winter and, yes, I am among the many people who will be glad to see spring arrive. BUT, as an artist and a person who loves to be outside, no matter the weather, I love changeable skies and seasons. I don’t get depressed about the cold, the

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